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We constantly invest and develop our resources to be able to provide dynamic individuals robust to take on the challenges of the ever-changing dynamics, culturally fit for your organization

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Key People gets you the best talent from around the world reducing the hiring cost by minimum 30%, and a minimum reduction of 30% in base salary and employee management.

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Customized solutions for Projects

Dedicated or Project Based Resources


Part-Time Full-time Resources

Remote or Onsite Support


Hire Freelancer? Cannot trust the idea, this is why!

  • Too Many Options
  • Low Quality Work (how would they take the vision)
  • Different Language and Culture. (would they understand me?)
  • Missed Deadlines (what work ethics do they have?)
  • The Freelancer Disappears Completely (what if one day the person completely disappears?)
  • Stolen Ideas (are they being honest?)
  • Lack of Commitment. (is there enough commitment?)
  • Is there any legal contract, what law would be applied?

We take care of all these challenges by being your partner, and share the vision and translate that back into the employees hired for you. We create teams which truly represent you.


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